A historical look into the ballad

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A historical look into the ballad

It's already quite long and this post is going to be very long, so I thought I'd start a new thread, although it's actually a continuation.

I've seen mentioned so many historical ballads that I'm familiar with: Incidently, I just came across an Irish song, My Lovely Rose of Clare, which has the same tune as Three Score and Ten at least the melody that I learned -- from a Johnny McEvoy recording -- does anyone know the history of this melody, beautiful and sometimes haunting?

The Irish Rover, for example, is certainly not historical and others like Whiskey In the Jar, Brennan on the Moor are of doubtful historicity, though all are great songs. A third type are those that are not historically specific, but relate to actual events, social conditions or people.

Then there are many that refer to people that MAY have been real people in the situations related by the song or WERE actual people but where the situation related in the song may or may not be factual. I've mentioned mainly Irish and Scottish ballads and won't try to list many Am. I think, without question, historical ballads or stories are my favorite genre of "folk" music.

A historical look into the ballad

But I think it's risky to think, as someone observed, that one can "learn history" from the songs. May are truly "historical" in the best sense of the word, but many are not. We always tried to give a little background when we sang songs that referred to historical people or events.

Project MUSE - The Ballad Book of John Jacob Niles

This one baffled us for some time until a lot of digging revealed that the "second" battle described in the song was actually a battle fought many years before and many miles away from the battle at Cromdale -- and that the hero of the battle in the song Montrose had been dead for 40 some years at the time referred to in the song!

A great song, nevertheless -- but the story it tells can hardly be called "Historical.Anastasia State Park will host a Historical Look into the Old Spanish Quarries program on Saturday, August 11, , from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Hua Mulan (Chinese: 花木蘭) is a legendary, Chinese warrior from the Northern and Southern dynasties period (–) of Chinese history, originally described in the Ballad of Mulan (Chinese: 木蘭辭; pinyin: Mùlán cí).

In the ballad, Hua Mulan, disguised as a man, takes her aged father's place in the army. A Historical Look into the “Ballad of Birmingham The “Ballad of Birmingham is a shocking poem that was written by Dudley Randall about a bombing of an African American church in .

"Looking into the past" pictures place past pictures in present day situations. Here's a collection of 75 examples of them. Posted on February 13, , GMT.

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A Historical Look into the “Ballad of Birmingham The “Ballad of Birmingham is a shocking poem that was written by Dudley Randall about a bombing of an African American church in Birmingham, Alabama in to look into the writings of 25 world authorities in the field of ballad literature, not to mention the encyclopedia and the dictionary.

Most of these as historical. 2. The ballad did not come into existence until the close of the 16th century. 3. The version that first appeared in print, by.

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