American beauty thesis statement

Posted by Jill Homiak, editor Oct 18, 36 Once I found out about the Think Dirty appI scanned all my beauty and personal care products to see how dirty or clean they were. Any guesses on the results? You can use the app to look up what chemicals are in your products, and the side effects that they cause. Some products could have a low good rating, but still have a hidden dirty ingredients.

American beauty thesis statement

The final scene starts with the protagonist -the main character- Lester Burnham, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, who is setting in the kitchen and was shot. There are some red roses on the table, but the light is switched off, it is dark outside.

Admiring the photograph, Lester whispers: Without noticing that, Lester slowly turns the photograph down. A second later, a loud gunshot can be heard and one sees red blood spatters on the wall hesitantly flowing down.

Still unknown right now is who the murderer was. Ricky and Jane walk down the stairs and enter the kitchen. Opened the door, a puddle of blood can be seen, dropping down from a white American beauty thesis statement toward the bottom.

In the background a piano playing a sad repetitive melody accompanies the scene. Shortly after, Lester starting his closing narration: It stretches on forever, like an ocean of time.

For me, it was lying on my back at Boy Scout Camp, watching falling stars.

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And yellow leaves from the maple trees that lined our street. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it. And then it flows through me like rain. Apart from these scenes, moments such as Jane and Ricky lying together on the bed just right before Lester got shot, or Angela being in front of a mirror in the bright bathroom and hearing the gunshot, are involved there as well.

Additionally, Frank returns home wearing a white t-shirt covered with blood, breathing heavily and a missing gun from his gun collection is shown which becomes clear that Frank kills Lester.

American beauty thesis statement

Moreover, Carolyn returns home, too, and cries. She wanted to kill Lester, too, but she obviously arrives too late. The sequence with a plastic bag flying with the wind, dancing in the air, the most enchanting object Ricky has filmed was featured in the final scene as well, reinforcing the beauty.

The whole film finishes with the suburban sequence where Lester lived and the story mainly took place which was already presented once at the very beginning of the film.

The Aristotelian theory of a tragedy - saying in a classical drama consisting of five acts, the first act used to be an exposition introducing the protagonists, where it take place, when does it take place, so the factor time and particularly the conflict; the second used to be an augmentation of the conflict, adding more tension; the third, also called as peripety is climax-like and the conflict achieves at the highest level and prepares for falling again; the fourth act, a so called retardation, the conflict does not end rapidly, but hesitantly, the tension decreases and finally the fifth act used either to be a happy end or a catastrophe - is here fully applicable: So, the function of the final scene serves the role of the fifth act according to Aristotle.

We learned this since Lester is sitting totally in solitude and is somehow in agony in the kitchen in the night, because his wife does not return home yet.

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The switched off light and rain - some lighting and visual effects- may also have a function of providing a negative presentiment, for instance, somebody is crying and the raindrops symbolize the tears falling and the darkness leads we to imagine that something fatal or catastrophic could happen.

Horrible is also the scene where Lester was lying afterward on the ground and blood coming out of his forehead. This is in so far necessary to make the viewer believe that Lester is really dead, a sort of convincing functions.

Besides, the red roses on the table should not to be ignored.

- American Beauty (, Sam Mendes) is the gruesome but realistic story of a family living in a seemingly perfect suburbia. Lester Burnham, a father who is falling out of love with his wife, Carolyn Burnham, struggles to maintain a relationship with his family and despises his work. Full text and audio database of Top American Speeches by Rank Order. This is a great film. Everything about it is great from the writing to the acting and production. A horrible series of murders take place. From the moment it begins, you will constantly be guessing who really did it.

Here by seeing that family photograph, Lester may realized the importance of his family and similar to the roses - the symbol of love - as a whole on the table staying close together, so should the family and not like some single petals splitting up in every possible direction and the family is ruined when both Lester and Carolyn are having affairs respectively.Allan Hancock College is a California public community college located in Santa Maria in northern Santa Barbara , Allan Hancock College was ranked as one of the five best community colleges in California and one of the nation’s top community colleges.

Why Chattanooga? With the economic development, natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and cultural offerings that Chattanooga has to offer, it’s no wonder the city’s becoming known as one of the world’s best places to live—and study. American Beauty - an analysis - Yike Guo - Presentation / Essay (Pre-University) - English - Discussion and Essays - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essayPages: 7.

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Political scientist Brendon O'Connor of the United States Studies Centre suggests that "anti-Americanism" cannot be isolated as a consistent.

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