Brain drain problem solution essay

February 6, By Ankita Mitra Brian Drain refers the situation when highly qualified and trained people leave a country to permanently settle in some other country.

Brain drain problem solution essay

However, make sure you follow the instructions. The first requires causes and the second requires problems. Problem Solution Essay Instructions The instructions for problem solution questions are often paraphrased in different ways.

Below you can see a few examples: What are the problems to this and how can it be solved? What problems are caused by this?

What solutions would you recommend? What problems arise from this situation? What measures can be taken to deal with it? What problems does this cause? What can be done to deal with this situation?

Brain drain and solutions for this problem

You can find some essay questions for solution essays and problem solution essays on this page: Problems and Solutions More and more professionals from developing or underdeveloped countries are choosing to live and work in richer countries.

As a result, poorer countries will struggle to develop but this can be tackled by offering more incentives to stay and better living conditions. The main problem faced by poorer countries due to the brain-drain, in fields such as medicine and education, is that they will struggle to develop and find it difficult to improve their economy as well as living conditions.

One of the main ways that a developing country can better themselves is through the skills and dedication of their professionals which is negated when they choose to take their skills to benefit another country.

Consequently, less developed countries will not be able to offer their citizens high levels of education or health care, and this in turn will hinder their ability to compete on a global scale, to entice investors and ultimately to stop the poverty cycle. One effective solution to deal with professionals leaving their country is for their government to encourage them to stay by offering better work conditions.

This can be done by increasing wages and investing in state-of-the-art equipment and training to tempt doctors and teachers to continue working there. However, these solutions are financially demanding which means poorer governments may have to look to developed countries for aid in order to implement these changes.

In conclusion, poorer countries are unable to develop due to the brain-drain which can only be tackled by enticing professionals to remain in their country of origin through better conditions.?Brain Drain refers to the emigration (out-migration) of knowledgeable, well-educated and skilled professionals from their home country to another country.

This can take place because of several factors. The most obvious is the availability of better job opportunities in the new country. Other factors that can cause brain drain include: war or conflict, health risks, [ ].


The issue of brain drain is an international phenomenon and an outcome of the trend of globalization, but unlike other benefiting affects of it, brain drain has a negative impact. The problem of brain drain can be effectively tackled. This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal and in , the government formed a task force to investigate the "brain drain" problem.

United and financial gains, export labour migration has been suggested as a solution to the struggling.

Brain drain problem solution essay

Brain drain problem solution essay According to a UN definition, the flight of talent that is required for a country’s development to another country is called brain drain. We have been experiencing this problem ever since we won out freedom.

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Oct 17,  · Ielts Essay: Brain drain from poor countries - seeking for solutions [3] - Writing Feedback Brain Drain is a dangerous phenomenon that prevails in our society [4] - Writing Feedback "To what extent and in what ways do you believe India can alleviate 'Brain Drain'?

Your essay on brain drain should also present sensible explanations for why you think this way or another; Possible ways of the problem solution. Do you think the problem is solvable?

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