Homereading report

Give you the examples of home reading report? Anpu had a wife, and owned a farm. Bata came to live with Anpu and his wife.

Homereading report

Jewfish He has a museum of items appertaining to the Jew. He would like to have a living one, has tried on more than one occasion to keep one alive, but they grow only on certain trees and his apartment is small, with no garden. He does not know why it is better to have a living specimen than a dead one, only that it is so.

Other items have been easier to obtain and store. He loves to hold it in his hands, to admire the smooth underside, the place where it turns from rough beige to a tender and delicious pink. He finds he is tempted to lick it, like ice cream. Sometimes, perhaps once every two or three months, Homereading report places all these items together, in such a way that he can take them in with one sweep of his eye.

In order not to disturb the mallow, the arrangement is generally made by dragging a coffee table to the window and placing all the other objects carefully on it. The four harps, three fungus specimens, the asphalt and benzoine, the sea urchin.

When the collection has been set out in its order, he brings a chair from the kitchen and sits, observing his possessions. The observation brings him pleasure. It generally continues for several hours.

He notes the differences and similarities between these objects, grouping and regrouping them in his mind. At these surveying times, he likes to comment — to himself, only to himself — that there is another item in the collection. He desires, therefore, a Jewfish.

He has illustrations and photographs of these monstrous fish but, although educational, they do not count.

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He would like a live one but cannot see how such a thing could be accomplished. A stuffed Jewfish, though.

Homereading report

He makes enquiries with several taxidermists and angling stores. They tell him his request is virtually impossible; Jewfish are very difficult to mount. Would he perhaps be interested in a plastic replica? It must, at least, have lived once. They note down his details, promising to telephone if there is news.

In the meantime, at home, he pores over representations of the Jewfish, learning its habits and signifiers. The Jewfish is friendly. Fascinated by divers, it will often swim alongside a boat. The Jewfish is endangered; in the waters of America it is no longer permitted to kill the Jewfish.

It continues to exist only due to the mercy of others.Sample of Writing a Home Reading Report: The Legend of Mayon Volcano Book Title: Stories of our Country Title: The Legend of Mayon Volcano Place and Date of Publication: Manlapaz Publishing Co., Manila Number of Pages: 3 Magayon was the most beautiful maiden in the kingdom of Albay.

A Home Reading Report - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free/5(37). Home Reading Reports are usually required to elementary and highschool students for their English subject.

Example of home reading report

Home-Reading Report (the Little Prince) Cargado por. Aiman Bañaga Arabain. Ang Filipino Ay Wikang Panlahat. Cargado por. Aiman Bañaga Arabain. The Cultural Life of Our Filipino Ancestors.

Cargado por. Aiman Bañaga Arabain. Time Schedule Format. Cargado por.

Homereading report

. Star Reading Reports. Test Record Report; Note: Star Reading reports are separate from Consolidated Reports, which can include data from multiple products on this server.

Consolidated Reports are available to district and school level administrators and teachers on the Home page. Related Topics. Which report should I use? the astronomer successfully presented his report again in In fact. which is only visible through a telescope.

After a Turkish dictator ordered all his subjects to change to European clothing. while an adult would care only that the little prince came from Asteroid B without ever wondering about other essential qualities.

Example of home reading report