Maria fe perez

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Maria fe perez

The New Mexico of the early sixteen hundreds was a borderlands region of the American Southwest that was not too far from Santa Fe - with the Pueblo Indians on one side of the river and the settlers on the other.


Consequently, as Patricia discovered, family genealogies of this period are marked by hasty retreats and the loss of family records. Patricia offers the following explanation: In the ensuing years, the settlement had many problems within the colony as well as with the native population.

Famine, dissatisfaction, hardships and other reasons, caused some of the original settlers to abandon their homes in about The remaining settlers settled throughout New Mexico. The war with Mexico was marked in New Mexico by the occupation of U.

In after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, General Kearny issued a proclamation that made New Mexico part of the United States [vi] by right of conquest. Following a local custom, her parents had an arranged marriage and although her father saw her mother from a distance, her mother did not meet him until the day of the wedding in April, According to Patricia, her mother Angelina was proud of her heritage but curious about her little-known ancestry.

While her mother pressed on with her family research, Patricia had been living in Illinois, had no experience in genealogy, and her efforts to help her mother came to nothing. Sadly, Angelina died a few years later, but fortunately, she had left her daughter with an envelope containing all of the records she had acquired during her research, along with a little notebook, where she had recorded, by hand, the information she learned during interviews.

After her mother's death, Patricia attempted to follow in her mother's genealogy footsteps, but experienced little success until she retired and moved to Colorado.

Maria Paula Garcia, Apolonio Quintana Adobe wall poses genealogy challenge Genealogists often refer to "brick walls," where a family line will terminate; there are no further records to be found; and research of a family line cannot continue.

As her family ancestry was rooted in New Mexico, Patricia determined her genealogy "brick walls" were made from adobe -- a natural building material formed from mud, sand and straw used historically in the American Southwest.

Patricia's first genealogy adobe wall was virtually impenetrable. Finding no new leads, Patricia turned to DNA testing.

Inafter Patricia and a friend attended a DNA presentation sponsored by a local genealogical society, the same friend urged Patricia to have a mitochondrial mtDNA test. While traditional genealogy remained silent on the matter of her mother's ancestry, Patricia wondered if an mtDNA test result, a genetic sequence, passed unchanged, from mother to mother, from generation to generation, might yield new answers?

Would she be able to break through her genealogy adobe wall? What happened next certainly alleviated Patricia's concerns about DNA testing. Still skeptical, but resolved to gain full advantage of her investment, Patricia wrote to each of her mtDNA matches, asking for their help.

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Patricia's efforts soon paid off, and to her surprise, three men replied to her query, and amazingly, all three had researched and documented their maternal-line paper trails!

To add to her amazement, each of her matches' maternal line ancestries led, from mother-to-mother, to the same, identical Sandoval family from Santa Fe!

By comparing her mtDNA test results with others, and finding matches who shared her family lines, Patricia was able to connect the dots for four generations of grandmothers, breaking through the genealogy adobe wall that had blocked her research for years!

InPatricia received exciting news that extended her maternal line ancestry by several generations: No Impediments found so I married and veiled on 29 Nov signed Fr.

Juana Baca's marriage investigation stated that she was daughter of unknown parents!


Patricia suspects that in reality, Juana Baca's parentage was known but that the young couple, intent on marriage, hid the stigma of Juana's illegitimacy by not telling the truth on their marriage investigation. A natural advantage Disappointed, but not discouraged, Patricia proceeded with her quest, for, as a researcher of New Mexico family lines, she had a natural advantage: Patricia reasoned that there had to be others who researched her same family lines.

La vieja had at least seven children; some used the Luna surname, others Baca.Find industry contacts & talent representation.

Maria fe perez

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Maria Fe Perez Profiles | Facebook. SIMILAR NAMES. Maria de Perez · Maria Fe Pérez · Marie Fe Perez · María Fe Perez. FILTER BY SCHOOL. University of Mindanao, Davao City · Liceo Caracas. Maria Fe Perez Essay Maria Fe Perez-Agudo A product of an all-girls Catholic school in Manila, believes in the capability of women to climb the corporate ladder even in industries known to be men’s turf - Maria Fe Perez Essay introduction.

Maria fe perez

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