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It is defined as one of the keys to success or failure by many organizations. A simple term to describe communication is the process of messages being transferred within an organizational setting Redding,

Mgts 2606

Specific to drug or drug class, Interaction with cellular component, Concentration-effect relationship, Modification of disease progression.

Non-specific general processes, Absorption from site of administration, Time to onset of effect, Elimination from the body. What is a drug?

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A drug can be defined as: What is a medical device? A medical device is any instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, appliance, implant, reagent for in vitro use, software, material or other similar article, intended for the specific medical purpose s of: If a drug is going to have an effect in the body it needs to be present: Pharmacokinetics has four main areas of consideration, also known as ADME: Transfer of the drug from the site of administration into the general or systemic circulation including: The process by which the drug is transferred reversibly from: Two options occur in the metabolism of drugs: Metabolised then excreted Four aspects of metabolism: Activation of inactive drug 2.

Production of active drug with increased activity from active drug 3. Inactivation of active drugs 4. Change in the nature of the activity What is Elimination? Elimination occurs through a variety of ways: Urine, bile, sweat, tears, milk Important for low-molecular weight polar compounds 2.

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Hair, faeces Faecal elimination important for high-molecular weight compounds that are excreted in bile and the distribution of drug along hair shaft can be used to indicate the history of drug intake during the preceding weeks 3.In Organizations, power is seen as tool that authority possesses to wield out instructions to their staff, ensure internal disputes are settled, fire staff if they are intolerable for various reasons and so forth.

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Mgts 2606

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