Organizing effective lobbying teams essay

Do existing laws already accomplish some of what you desire? Is it better to amend an existing law or create an entirely new act?

Organizing effective lobbying teams essay

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Our lawmakers need to hear from their constituents. Make contact with your legislator's office to discuss your issues. Effective lobbying requires multiple contacts and follow-ups. The Legislative Staff - It is important to get to acquainted with the staff members assigned to legislators, their aides, secretaries and committees.

Often you will need to meet with your legislator's aide. They can give legislators feedback on "hot button" issues. Get to know them because you will need to work closely with them. Always Identify Yourself - Public officials and their staff come in contact with a lot of people.

It is impossible for them to remember everyone. Be sure to always identify yourself at every contact, and remind them of your special interest.

Familiarize Yourself the Issues - Be aware of the status of each bill that pertains to your subject or issues.

Organizing effective lobbying teams essay

Know Your Local Legislator - Study their past record on related issues. Learn what is important to your legislator. What are their interests and committee assignments? Try to determine the most effective approaches to gaining thier attention.

Ask yourself what would make your issue compelling to them. Take time to identify any prior commitment that your laegislator may have had to your cause.


Always encourage legislators to promote support for your cause among their colleagues. Acknowledge - Commend legislators for any positive action on your issue or concern. A phone call or sending a personal note is an effective way to say thank you.

Be quick to commend and slow to criticize. Being critical is seldom beneficial unless done in a constructive manner. If you are opposed to an action taken by your legislator, always provide alternative solutions.

Remember, the legislator who votes against your position today may support your position tomorrow.

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Presentation of Your Case - Do your homework and make sure that you have all of the facts, but be brief with your appeal. Work with your legislators — do not confront them.

Remember, they lobby other legislators to support or oppose your issue. Always come prepared with written documentation that supports your position for your legislator.

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Organizing effective lobbying teams essay

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Organizing Effective Lobbying Teams. The infrastructure This team will organize the project and appoint members to the functional teams. Lobbying Team The lobbying team is composed of your organization’s members and the contract lobbyist, if any. Having the correct work team established will also allow an easier and more organized work environment.

When members know their role and what is expected of them, their job becomes easier. To create an effective team, you will need to be able to function and work together while displaying certain characteristics.

Those characteristics are as follows: Adequate resources – must have adequate .

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