People you admire essay

July 15, Udavube Small Library 4 People, who, you, admire, essay - Words Many things influence persons cultural orientation, namely class, gender, mental and physical abilities, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.

People you admire essay

These skills will be particularly useful if you choose to write fiction. This type of writing is very different to academic writing, but it is hugely rewarding, and doing it well can become a stepping stone into a career in writing in the United Kingdom.

Write a paragraph about a person you admire as you brainstorm. Think about what message you want to get across. Write your first draft Your first draft is exactly that — a first draft.

The most important thing at this point is getting all your thoughts down on paper. Remember, this is a descriptive essay about a person you love and feel admiration for — you want the reader to feel as though they know the person after reading your piece.

A good writer can make you feel as though you know a person. A great writer makes you care about the person. But what does it actually mean?

Telling — The man was angry Showing — The man jumped to his feet, his face red and frowning. He gave an unintelligible roar, spraying spittle in front of his face.

People you admire essay

He crossed the room in three quick strides, wrenching the door open and slamming it shut behind him. Do you see the difference there?

People you admire essay

You can show the reader that the man is angry without even using the word. Use the senses To really bring your piece to life and make the reader feel a personal connection to your writing, use all of the senses: Sight — Describe the physical attributes of the person Sound — What does their speech sound like?

Touch — What do they feel like — for example, are their hands rough from years of hard work? Smell — What smells do you associate with the person?

Did they always wear a certain scent? Taste — Do you associate any tastes with the person? Did they have a signature cake recipe that no one can match?

Edit Reread your work, concentrating on the following: Does the essay flow well? If not, re-order your paragraphs until it does. Try to imagine you are reading about a stranger. Have you included enough details to make you feel like you know them?

Do you know what they look like? Do you feel as though you understand their character and motivations? Have you showed rather than told? Of course, check your spelling, punctuation and grammar too. If, at the end of the piece, you feel something towards the person, you have done a good job!

Subscribe to our blog.A Person Whom You Admire. People always have a person whom they enormously admire and want to be like. Some admire a famous person while others look up to their teachers, father, or mother, etc.

The Person I Admire Most. A Person I Admire (an Old Essay of Mine). The Person That I Most Admire. The people that I admire most are my parents.

They are those people who do everything with excellence and tenacity, and they putting their heart to everything they do. My parents are extremely positive in their thinking and actions.

The people i admire one?2When taking more factors into consideration, as far as i am concerned, living independently overweighs this kind of life Words 4 Pages The Person I Admire Most.

A Person I Admire (an Old Essay of Mine) Final Draft Class #11 A Person I Admire Do you have some one that you admire? Do you have someone that you look up to? I’m sure you do. Generally people admire someone that is related or close to them. - “What do you admire, and what do you find to criticise, in Odysseus’ behaviour as a hero?” What I admire about Odysseus’ behaviour as a hero is his confidence.

I believe it is much more than that. My grandpa is a friend and a hero. As I wrote this essay, I discovered what people meant when they said “You are just like your. And it is also to show you that love comes in all different shapes ahd form." The person I admire the most is my mother, Not only is she my mother, but she's my best friend.

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