Sociology important question

We will use a conceptual framework that considers power and social stratification to be central to stigma and discrimination.

Sociology important question

Forest of Fallen Stars Posts: Highlight the contribution of culture and society in this process. Discuss its function in the family. Is socialization process applicable to the adults? What is the significance of family, religion and education as institutions in the process of socialization?

Explain your answer with examples from Pakistani society? Different methods of socialization lead to a variety of building norms and values in the personality of individuals.

Where do you locate yourself in the theoretical debate? How both are number one problems of Pakistan? What are the remedies? In what respects do they differ?

How do you explain these differences? Use this definition as a framework and discuss the salient features of Pakistani culture. Discuss by giving examples from Pakistan society.

What cultural prerequisite can avoid such situation?

Sociology important question

Explain in detail the role of technological innovation and mass media in the revolution of rising expectations and the disruption of traditional society of Pakistan. Culture diffusion and schools of thoughts on culture diffusion. Discuss the contribution of Ibn-i-Khaldun as a Muslim Social thinker. What is his contribution to sociology with which publication and what theory?

Is he a father of Sociology?


What are its main contents? Briefly discuss his contributions to sociology. Divisions of Labour has been discussed by various sociological theories. Discuss in detail the point of view taken about divisions of labour by Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim.

Explain in detail what lead Max Weber to write in favour of bureaucracy. How and in what ways other scholars have presented their views to describe the idea of philosophy of money.

Discuss them in detail. Mills in the development of Frankfurt School of Conflict Theory? Where and how he differs from his contemporaries? How far the two theories can be taken relevant today? What do you understand by that theory; write your answer in detail.

How the theory of bureaucracy is relevant to situation in Pakistan? Discuss with logic and evidence.SPECIMEN MATERIAL GCSE SOCIOLOGY Paper 2 The Sociology of Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification.

Sociology is a science only in the same way that Scientology, Christian Science, and Astrology are sciences. Class 12 sociology Important Questions- In this article, you can find CBSE Class 12 Sociology. You can download all the questions free of cost in PDF format. These questions will help you in your Class 12 exams.

The below given question papers are based on the latest Class 12 Sociology syllabus and last few years CBSE Class 12 .

CBSE Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Sociology

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CBSE Class 12 Sociology Chapter Wise Important Questions - Get them in Pdf Format