Textual analysis of gullivers travels

You are, of course, free to add your own analysis and understanding of the plot or themes to them for your essay.

Textual analysis of gullivers travels

In the first one, Gulliver is the only survivor of a shipwreck, and he swims to Lilliput, where he is tied up by people who are less than 6 inches 15 cm tall.

He is then taken to the capital city and eventually released. The Lilliputians indulge in ridiculous customs and petty debates.

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Political affiliations, for example, are divided between men who wear high-heeled shoes symbolic of the English Tories and those who wear low ones representing the English Whigsand court positions are filled by those who are best at rope dancing.

Gulliver is asked to help defend Lilliput against the empire of Blefuscu, with which Lilliput is at war over which end of an egg should be broken, this being a matter of religious doctrine.

Later Gulliver extinguishes a fire in the royal palace by urinating on it. Eventually he falls out of favour and is sentenced to be blinded and starved.

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He flees to Blefuscu, where he finds a normal-size boat and is thus able to return to England. A farm worker finds Gulliver and delivers him to the farm owner. One day the queen orders the farmer to bring Gulliver to her, and she purchases Gulliver.

He becomes a favourite at court, though the king reacts with contempt when Gulliver recounts the splendid achievements of his own civilization. Eventually Gulliver is picked up by an eagle and then rescued at sea by people of his own size.

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Gulliver in BrobdingnagGulliver in Brobdingnag, the land of giants. The people of Laputa all have one eye pointing inward and the other upward, and they are so lost in thought that they must be reminded to pay attention to the world around them.

Though they are greatly concerned with mathematics and with music, they have no practical applications for their learning. Laputa is the home of the king of Balnibarbri, the continent below it.

Gulliver is permitted to leave the island and visit Lagado, the capital city of Balnibarbri. He finds the farm fields in ruin and the people living in apparent squalor.

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Later Gulliver visits Glubbdubdrib, the island of sorcerers, and there he speaks with great men of the past and learns from them the lies of history.

In the kingdom of Luggnagg he meets the struldbrugs, who are immortal but age as though they were mortal and are thus miserable. From Luggnagg he is able to sail to Japan and thence back to England. In the extremely bitter fourth part, Gulliver visits the land of the Houyhnhnmsa race of intelligent horses who are cleaner and more rational, communal, and benevolent they have, most tellingly, no words for deception or evil than the brutish, filthy, greedy, and degenerate humanoid race called Yahoos, some of whom they have tamed—an ironic twist on the human-beast relationship.The correct answer of the given question above would be the first option.

Based on the given passage above from Gulliver's Travels, the analysis that this passage supports is that, Swift uses understatement to emphasize the talent of the artists.

Textual analysis of gullivers travels

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Jonathan Swift, being a priest, was most interested in the political and literary activity. In his book “Gulliver’s Travels” he warned people, showed all the muck and horror of stagnation, devoid of ideals life full of meaningless egoism.

Responding involves analysis and evaluation of the text. Some things to consider when responding are your personal opinion of the text, the theme/main idea of the text, the literal meaning of the text, and the techniques used by the author.

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Textual analysis of gullivers travels

It has never been out of print since and has sold an estimated million copies worldwide.

Swift's Satire in Gulliver's Travels