Thesis education economic growth

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Thesis education economic growth

University links According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkeyevery citizen has the right to education which is free of charge for the compulsory primary education.

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Except in specially licensed and foreign institutions, Turkish must be taught as the mother tongue. The Ministry of National Education MEB runs educational administration of the country and is responsible for drawing up curricula, coordinating the work of official, private and voluntary organizations, designing and building schools, developing educational materials and so on.

The Supreme Council of National Education discusses and decides on curricula and regulations prepared by the Ministry.

Thesis education economic growth

In the provinces, educational affairs are organized by the Directorates of National Education appointed by the Minister, but working under the direction of the provincial governor.

The academic calendar generally begins in mid-September and extends through to mid-June, with some variations between urban and Thesis education economic growth areas.

The school day usually have a morning and an afternoon session, but in overcrowded schools there is a split session.

Schools are in session for five days a week Monday to Friday in a total of hours. There is a two week winter break between January - February.

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The Turkish National Educational System is composed of two main sections: Formal Education and Non-formal Education. Formal Education Formal education is the regular education of individuals in a certain age group and given in schools.

This includes Pre-Primary education, Primary education, Secondary education and Higher education institutions.

Thesis education economic growth

Pre-Primary education Pre-Primary education is an optional education for children between years of age who are under the age of compulsory primary education.

The purpose of this education is to ensure physical, mental and sensory development of children and the acquisition of good habits, to prepare children for primary education, to create a common atmosphere of growth for those living in inconvenient circumstances and to ensure that Turkish is spoken correct and well.

Pre-school education is given in kindergartens, daycare homes, nursery classes in primary schools, and in private nurseries, all under the supervision of the Ministry. They are usually concentrated in larger towns and cities. Primary education is compulsory for all boys and girls at the age of 5,5, and is given free of charge in public schools.

There are also private and paid schools under State control. In most of the primary schools, foreign language lessons start from 4th class. Most elementary school students dress similarly in a type of uniform to avoid any social class differences between rich and poor students.

At the end of 8 years, successful students go for the Secondary education for 4 more years. Secondary Education Secondary education is compulsory for four years and covers general, vocational and technical high schools Lycees, Lise in Turkish that provide four years of education used to be 3 years until General high schools prepare students for higher learning institutions.

Some of the secondary schools and the private secondary schools have foreign language preparatory classes. This kind of private lycees have double language education such as Italian Highschool, German Highschool, Austrian Highschool, French Highschool, and so on.

Vocational and technical high schools provide specialized instruction with the aim of training qualified personnel. Technical lycees include special formations such as electricity, electronics, chemistry, machinery, motors, building, etc.

The purpose of secondary education is to give students a minimum common cultureto identify individual and social problems, to search for solutions, to raise awareness in order to contribute to the socio- economic and cultural development of the country and to prepare the students for higher education, for profession, for life and for business in line with their interests and skills.

In addition to normal high schools, there are also evening high schools usually operating in the same school building. These are designed to allow those who take up employment after primary or middle school to continue their formal education.

Most of the high schools are owned by the State and provide free educational opportunities. In order to provide equal opportunities for the children with limited finances, there are State high schools with boarding facilities.

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These schools are free of charge and the students are placed according to the results of an examination. There are also many private high schools, which are paid by the parents, of course. Graduates of the high schools can attend universities if they can pass admission exams.

Universities, faculties, institutes, higher education schools, conservatories, vocational higher education schools, police and military academies and colleges, and application-research centers are considered as Higher Education institutions.

Universities are under the supervision of this Council and their programmes must be regularly accredited.Education system in Turkey, schools and students. 12 years of education is compulsory in Turkey. has been an NCCRS member since October The mission of is to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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