Thesis on computer networks

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Thesis on computer networks

Forwarding of data packets are done in router. To determine routing schemes networks are used. Storing packets, receiving in coming packets are routing those packets routing is responsible to the corresponding output port.


The path of a packet is determined by routing function. Circuit and packet switching are the 2 main and basic mechanism used. In recent days virtual and wormhole switching is developed.

More energy is required to transmit data among network.

Thesis on computer networks

For mechanism in NOC packet switching is used. Switching routers and nodes are used in packet switching. Computer networks make use of wormhole switching in multicore processor and used widely. For the purpose of path identification in worm hole switching small and faster router is used.

The path taken by a packet among sources to destination is selected by routing algorithm. To avoid live lock, dead lock and starvation situation routing algorithm is required.

Packet circulating in a network is live lock. The cyclic dependency between nodes to access resources is deadlock.

Starvation occurs at times a packet in a buffer asks an output channel but it is block by other data. Classifications of routing algorithm:Cornell things to do and Cornell events, powered by Localist. Staff from Facilities and Campus Services will be vying for the chili and dessert bake-off championship.

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A computer network is the interconnection of computing devices in order to share data and is built with a combination of computer hardware and software WikiAnswers- Unknown author.

Computer networks are used to connect multiple computers to an internet connection, or to printers, scanners, etc in the same area that the network .

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