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Write articles for bright hub pay

Does your immediate supervisor show you this? Do your colleagues extend this to you? Do you offer this to all people or simply a select few? Have hiring managers and recruiters shown this to you? When you speak to a prospect, can he hear this word in your message? As a professional, what would you say is one of the single most important words in the workplace today?

All I ask is that you respect me as a human being. When career transition arrives voluntarily or involuntarily how, then, does one compete in such an intensely competitive job market? I have a tendency to shut down. Know everything there is to know about yourself — your features, your faults, your benefits and your value.

So, use your time wisely and well when you are invited to interview for a job. Share the very, very best of what you have to offer. Rehearse your lines until you know precisely what you wish to say about yourself and your candidacy without looking at your notes.

Practice at least 25 times. Practice standing in front of a mirror. Practice standing up to rehearse your lines. Dress in your finest attire as you practice. Practice pays — it just does!

Develop 10 or 12 slides that capture the best of you, your credentials and the value you offer to an employer. Preparation is key in all things job search. If you do not know PowerPoint, find 10 — 12 pieces of paper. When you have completed this task, you will then have 10 - 12 compelling pieces of evidence that prove you are a worthy contender for a job of interest.

Think thoughts that work for you, not against you. How about telling yourself: Also, know your weaknesses in preparation for the job interview. Give the hiring manager ample reason s to hire you, not dismiss you from the pool of candidates.

In short, do yourself a favor and get comfortable speaking about the amazing brand you. You will know when you are ready to get in the job search game.

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Not only will an employer notice how prepared you are, as importantly, you will notice. And ever so slowly, you will find yourself getting more comfortable talking about yourself -- not in a braggadocious way, but in a manner that shows a hiring manager that you are well-prepared, organized and articulate.

Posted by billiesucher on November 05, Permalink Comments 0 Tags: Have you ever been told by an employer after the first of the year that they had the perfect opening for you if only you had applied in November or December? Well, I frequently hear from job seekers that this happens to them because they put a hold on their search at this time of the year.

Many opportunities may be missed during late November through December. People tend to be more social around the holidays and networking is key.

Use holiday parties and other social events to keep in touch. It could be as simple as a neighborhood get together, professional association holiday party or your favorite sports group potluck. There are always plenty of holiday celebrations and fundraisers where you can create new connections and nurture ongoing friendships.

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Social events are great opportunities to connect and could lead to job opportunities in the future. Especially at this time of year think of ways you can help others. Look for occasions to connect people with one another, or with a charity or foundation that may appeal to them.Throughout history, redheads have been feared and revered, loathed and adored, degraded and exalted.

Here's an amusing look at the myths, legends, and a photo gallery of famous redheads with insightful quotes about the head of red! Numbers play an important role in our dreams, and each number has its own spiritual power, vibration, and significance.

Essentially, numbers are symbols. Even if you include revenue sharing, that means that, on average, Bright Hub articles now pay approximately the same, or less, as the higher paying Demand Studios articles.

Bright Hub pays monthly, usually by the first week after month end, while Demand Studios pays twice per week. responses so far. Responses to “Five Ways to Write Intense Fight Scenes (Superhero and Fantasy)” # Rebeccaon 13 Sep at am. Aug 06,  · The Body of the Letter. In the first paragraph, state why you are writing to the organization.

write articles for bright hub pay

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